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Jazz Pianist, Educator, and Hear and Play Music, Inc. Recording Artist, James Wrubel
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Welcome to Jazzwithjames.com!

Homepage for San Diego-based Jazz pianist, teacher and Hear and Play Music, Inc. Instructor and Recording Artist, James Wrubel. Keep up with the latest developments here.

James appeared on the recently released album from singer and trumpeter, Dale Head. You can purchase here


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NEW! Jazz Intensive Training Center

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ChristmasKeys Jazz 4 Hour Course maximizes your ability to play Jazz-styled Christmas tunes quickly!




Jazz 101 is James' original release covering Blues Basics, licks, and tricks for 12 bar blues




Jazz 201 celebrates jazz progressions (including ii-V-Is), altered dominants, licks, bebop ideas, and much more. Over 5 hours of content!

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James' Upcoming 2019 Gigs

Fri, Nov 1: 7-9pm with Joseph Luna at Air Conditioned Loung in San Diego, CA

Sun, Nov 24: 6-8 pm with Joseph Luna at he Roxy in Encinitas, CA

Thurs Dec 12: 6-8pm with Joseph Luna at Bella Vista Cafe in La Jolla, CA

Fri, Dec 6: 7-9pm with Joseph Luna at Air Conditioned Loung in San Diego, CA

Sat, Dec 7: 5-9pm with Joseph Luna at Erin Hanson Gallery in San Diego, CA



"James Wrubel does a fantastic job of repeating and clearly explaining all of the material"--Jim Atwood of jimatwood.wordpress.com

"So you see, this isn't your grandfather's jazz combo...Along the Jazz Bakery's wall, mammoth oils of [jazz greats] smile out of the darkness. If casual jazz guy James Wrubel doesn't watch his back, his portrait may one day join them."--Michael Aushenker, The Palisadian-Post